Affaires globales’ broad scope of disciplines and cultural content will appeal to students interested in a wide variety of careers while giving them the skills needed to pursue them. This intermediate-high to advanced-level French textbook is designed for French for specific purposes courses such as business or professional French and can be used as a main text for one semester or adapted for two semesters of use.

Affaires globales uses an interdisciplinary multiliteracies approach to help students develop the cultural knowledge and language skills necessary to pursue a career in the francophone world. Over the textbook’s seven units, Affaires globales weaves in contemporary themes such as entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and global engagement with discussions of tourism, business, marketing, fashion, diplomacy, environmental studies, and global health. Lessons incorporate authentic materials from across the francophone world, from France to Quebec to sub-Saharan Africa.


• A wide selection of activities—true or false, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and open- ended questions— allow students to engage with course material in varied ways
• Chapter activities contribute to a semester-long project that helps students evaluate their career goals and reflect on their growth throughout the course
• Free access to authentic multimedia resources and instructors’ material

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About the Authors

Deborah S. Reisinger is an associate professor of the practice in French in the Department of Romance Studies and the associate director of Markets and Management Studies at Duke University.

Mary Beth Raycraft is the assistant director of language instruction and a lecturer in French at Boston University.

Nathalie Dieu-Porter is a principal senior lecturer in the Department of French and Italian Studies at Vanderbilt University and the director of the Center for Second Language Studies at Vanderbilt University.